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From the ancient myths of warriors like Aeneas to today’s comic book heroines like
Zatanna, Superhero Faces explores the world’s most popular legends and illustrates how
today’s pop culture icons are still undergoing the same journeys as the heroes of

In 1949, author Joseph Campbell outlined a seventeen-stage process as well as several
themes and symbols he found prevalent in various stories told throughout the world, and
encouraged people to discover by which myth they live by. Superhero Faces also
explores the parallels between the legends discussed by Campbell, and illustrates how we
continue to find evidence of these commonalities in the mediums of film, television, and
comic books still today. More importantly, Superhero Faces investigates the most likely
explanation for these similarities. As Campbell theorized, hero stories are incredibly
popular because they help provide us with a template as to how to find meaning and
fulfillment in our personal lives.

Superherofaces.com – an interactive site where members share photos, stories, and videos
to discuss their venture through The Hero’s Journey – is the superhero teamwork of super
friends Brad Faye, Arvind Navaratnasingham, and Kelsey Dickerson, who founded the
company in 2015. By sharing and following the progress of others, participants are
encouraged to learn how they can assimilate their favorite legends during the trials and
tribulations in their own lives. And through additional interviews with the artists who
created them and the fans that help immortalize them, we too can discover which myth it
is we live by, and summon the courage to slay the dragons that have been guarding the
paths to our destiny.