The Superhero with a Thousand Faces aims to provide inspiration through the interpretation of myths both old and new. We believe that when we analyze these stories from a metaphorical standpoint, we have a greater chance of finding how we may apply them to our everyday lives in the “real world.” Once we understand the best way to implement these legends, we become better equipped to recognize the stages of this journey when they present themselves. Comparable to observing the legends on a map, following myths like those of Odysseus and superhero stories like those of Spider-Man helps empower us as we work our way through our own personal hero’s journey.

Inspired by mythologist Joseph Campbell, whose 1949 book The Hero with a Thousand Faces studied ancient myths from around the world, The Superhero with a Thousand Faces hopes to reach an audience that better relates to tales of modern-day characters like Superman and Frodo Baggins than they could the examples provided by Campbell. By no means intending to “update” Campbell’s work as much as seeking to find newer examples to accompany those he provided, our work further illustrates that while the names of characters and the lands they inhabit may have changed over the past two thousand years, the path of the hero has not. The Superhero with a Thousand Faces therefore works as a companion guide of sorts to the several books written by Campbell, and features the artwork of some of the comic book industry’s biggest names.

Written by Brad Faye and designed by Arvind Navaratnasingham, The Superhero with a Thousand Faces book chronicles the history of mythology and also has the potential to operates as a self-help book by referencing the work of renowned psychologists including Carl Jung, Daniel Goleman, and Travis Langley. In addition to promoting the book, the website also functions as a social network allowing people to share their experiences following their favorite heroes as well as providing updates on their own personal journeys. Videos on the site not only feature interviews with fans of pop culture, but some of today’s most popular creators who discuss how Joseph Campbell helped inspire their creations.